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In this installation, a homeowner in a remote location in northern AZ built himself a new house that was totally off the grid. He installed solar panels for his power and had to drill a well for his water supply.

Water quality is not that great in the area and the water table is deep at about 800ft. These are two reasons he decided to install a FlexiRiser rather than rigid steel column pipe. The FlexiRiser does not corrode and it is easy to install and retrieve especially when using the FlexiRiser Pump Puller.

He installed a submersible pump at 850ft on 1” Boreline FlexiRiser in one continuous length.

The day before the install, the power cable was connected along the length of the FlexiRiser and all was rolled up onto the Pump Puller.

The following day he drove to site, spliced the power cable and completed the install in just under 1 hour.

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