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Here is a project located at the Death Valley National Park. The park is the hottest, driest, and lowest National Park in existence. It is a below-sea-level basin, filled with steady drought and record summer heat that makes this a land of extremes. The park services as well as private companies take advantage of this unique place, and established facilities such as tourism centers, resorts, and restaurants to turn this lifeless place into a vibrant destination.

These establishments need water that can only be sourced from the ground, and that is a difficult task in such a remote and extreme place. The groundwater is highly corrosive; thus, very damaging to well equipment. The use of HDPE and PVC drop pipes are not an option because of the high GPM needed to supply water to the establishments. Galvanized steel pipe is not an option, so stainless steel drop pipes are the norm.

Stainless steel is more corrosion resident than galvanized steel, but it does not eliminate some of the underlying issues of rigid pipe. Rigid pipe is difficult to handle, especially when installed in a well with a well house. For this installation, the wind was blowing 40-50 mph, making it difficult to operate the crane. In fact, the crane operator was on the edge from halting the job to the next day due to strong winds.

To make things worse, the threads were locked shut, and the pipe needed to be cut with a grinding wheel, lengthening the process even more. The whole process took 8 hours.

All while the guys are busy cutting pipe, the Boreline was easily prepped by simply attaching the fittings on each end. The fittings are field attachable with common hex tools.

death valley

The 4” Boreline FlexiRiser hose is used to replace the 6” stainless steel drop pipe. They were able to reduce the diameter because of the lower head loss due to less friction of the Boreline FlexiRiser hose.

The Boreline installation involved the use of a Pump Puller, which allows lowering the pump by the push of a button. The Pump Puller was backed towards the well house, and the arm was adjusted so the hose could go through the door.

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